At Straits International School, we offer an innovative, challenging and caring international education based upon academic excellence, character and leadership, cultural understanding...

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  • Service Minded
    “I think being collaborative means working together to achieve something.” - Patrick Grayhurst (Student)
  • Creative
    "I think being creative means to think out the box and make something your own." – Tricia Ho (student)
  • Hardworking
    "Hardworking is any diligent work that is characterised by pure perseverance  and commitment." – Mr. Shahrul Afzanizam (Teacher)
  • Independent
    "I think being independent means being self-sufficient or autonomous." – Tan Xunqin (student)
  • Caring
    "Being caring means helping each other without the promise of rewards." – Jeff Phang (student)
  • Pro active
    "Being proactive means you take the initiative to make things happen and  make positive changes." – Ms. Elena Kathiraven (Teacher)
  • Compassionate
    "Being compassionate means showing understanding to all, no matter their culture or background." – Mr. Kam Yin Boey (Teacher)

Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis – Not For you, Not For Me, But For Us

Bukan untuk ku, Bukan untuk mu, tetapi untuk kita.

Celebrating Excellence