At Straits International School, we offer an innovative, challenging and caring international education based upon academic excellence, character and leadership, cultural understanding...

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  • Open Day

    Open Day 2015 in conjunction with International Day. Date: 14 March 2015, Saturday; Time: 10am – 3pm; Venue: Straits International School

    “Being COLLABORATIVE means working together to achieve the same goal.” - Myra, Year 10
  • Creative
    "Being CREATIVE means keeping an open-mind to new ideas." – Nelson, Year 9
  • Hardworking
    "Being HARDWORKING means work hard and try your best at all times." – Jeffrey, Year 5
  • Independent
    "Being INDEPENDENT means doing my own homework." – Aarushi, Year 2
  • Caring
    "Being CARING means you care for and look after others." – Jarrell, Reception
  • Pro active
    "Being PROACTIVE means being in charge of yourself." – Alyssa, Year 3
  • Compassionate
    "Being COMPASSIONATE means caring about everyone's feelings. Be nice to everyone and everyone should be nice to you back. Even if someone hates you, be good to them." – Pat, Year 7

Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis – Not For you, Not For Me, But For Us

Bukan untuk ku, Bukan untuk mu, tetapi untuk kita.

Celebrating Excellence